Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Trump Administration Takes Affirmative Action against Admissions in the US Universities

According to reports this week, Donald Trump administration is planning to investigate and sue US universities over affirmative action admission policy that are perceived to take discriminate against white applicants. Which could once again risk the policies of many Universities.

Reports from The New York Times stated that the US Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was searching for lawyers to carry out an investigation and possibly sue universities and colleges over “intentional race-based discrimination”

This move could possibly be another attack on the US higher education sector under the presidency of Donald Trump, after recent funding cuts, putting a travel ban on some international and putting criticism on particular campuses.

The New York Times states that the civil right division’s “front office” would be run the Justice Department, appointing the White House political appointees to work, rather than the staffed civil servants from educational opportunities section. 

The assault on affirmative action was aligned in a wrong way with the longstanding goal of widening participation in US higher education, stated by Kristen Clarke (President of the lawyers’ committee for civil rights), to the times.

 “The move is clearly disturbing”, she further said. “The move could invite a lot of chaos and bring fear in the colleges and universities, which would feel that the government may take action against them and spoil their efforts to maintain a certain level of diversity in their campuses”

Professor Neal H. Hutchens at the University of Mississippi stated to the Chronicle of Higher Education that the recent administrative actions could “put a chill” on our long efforts to improve diversity on campus.

He further stated, “The government should focus more on providing good means to ethnic minority students, which could create a safe and protected environment, instead of creating more hurdles for them”

The US Supreme Court already upheld a case on the use of affirmative action admissions policy last year, voted in favor of the University of Texas, by four to three on a particular program. However, there are already several lawsuits pending against other institutions like University of North Carolina and Harvard University.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

US Actor George Clooney and Wife Amal Clooney Launches a Support Campaign for Educating Syrian Children

According to the statement released on the official website of Clooney foundation for justice, Famous actor George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney recently launched a campaign to support education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The initiative is a partnership between the Clooney Foundation and, with an additional $1 million technology grant from the IT giant HP. Summing the overall value of the partnership to be $ 2.25 million.
In their recent statement, George Clooney and Amal Clooney said. “The lives of thousands of young Syrian refugees are at risk, which is on the verge of losing their part in the society completely. We took this initiative to provide a doorway for them to earn a formal education. They should not get the punishment of getting born at the wrong place and the wrong time. Thus, we certainly don’t want to lose an entire generation.
 “This partnership with UNICEF is definitely going to help around 3000 currently out-of-school refugee students this year, this will include establishing seven public schools to give crucial learning opportunities. This will also help support to make use of the technological tools in these schools for providing advanced learning systems for Lebanese children in the region,” the reports said.

According to UNICEF, the respective Lebanese party has already shown signs of praising the Hollywood star. Beirut is “deeply grateful” for the initiative taken by the Clooney family, said the Lebanon’s education minister, Marwan Hamadeh.

George Clooney is a US actor, director, and producer born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky. He has received three Golden Globe Awards for his work as an actor and two Academy Awards, one for acting in Syriana (2006) and the other for co-producing Argo (2012).

Five Things That You Can Do To Make Your Students Succeed

Student success must be the ultimate goal for every teaching professional.  A teacher might be trying his best to make student success. But not able to find the right techniques to get positive results on many occasions. For a particular teacher, a student’s success may only be in the form of excellent grades, for others it might be increasing their involvement in class. Regardless the way you measure success, being a teacher, the best you can do is to make your students work up to their full potential.
Following are the five practices that you can make use to help your students succeed:

Create a Healthy Learning Environment

The first thing being a teacher you must make sure, is to develop a healthy learning environment. A classroom environment must be comfortable for students where they can ask as many questions as they want, without any hesitance. Teachers must be very encouraging to make students ask all types of questions regarding their taught lessons and should answer them accordingly.

Make Use of Visual Aids to Deliver Lectures

This practice of using visual aids in delivering lectures is a good way to increase students’ involvement in class. Teachers can make use of slides, graphical presentations and informative videos related to a certain topic which can provide them an effective means for clearing students’ concepts and grasping all the topic information with ease.

Use Practical Examples in Their Teaching Methods

Another way to transfer the right concept to students is making use of the practical examples. This will not only make them engage in learning the lesson but could also open their minds to develop their own versions of examples. Moreover, students can directly relate their acquired knowledge into practical situations every day.

Set High Level of Expectations

Though each student has its own potential but setting a high level of standards for each of them will eventually make them a hard worker. They key factor here is to push students towards their optimum potential, allowing them to achieve excellent results. They should be made to continue work harder by encouraging them on regular basis.

Arrange Competitions among Them

Teachers must keep a regular practice to develop a sense of positive competition among their students. Quiz competition and group activities can come in handy to facilitate student to work in small groups and learn from each other’s research work on particular topics.

Teachers are the best source of knowledge for students. Being a teacher you must keep goals to make your students achieve success. You can practice the points discussed above and make your students achieve success over a short period of time.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

6 Important Tips to Get a College Scholarship

What would be more ideal, taking necessary precautions to apply for a scholarship or years paying off student debt loan? Applying for a scholarship would be a more obvious choice for many of us. Here are the 6 important tips to get a college scholarship and study like a winning student:

1)      Start Searching As Early As Possible.

It’s ideal for students to start their scholarship search as early as possible because many funding bodies have one deadline set per year. So don’t miss out on the opportunity and wait for one complete year. It’s best to create a list of possible scholarships and finalize the ones that you can possibly achieve.

2)      Locate The Right Scholarship In The Data Base

There are several scholarships opportunities available online but instead of searching them one-by-one its best advised to simply check them out on a relevant scholarship data base. This will not only save your time but automatically help you to filter out any irrelevant scholarships that are not suitable for you.
Another good resource is checking out the college websites to get direct opportunities. But keep in mind direct scholarships are mostly available for bright students or early applicants.

3)      Only Apply For Scholarships That Matches Your Profile   

It’s not a good practice to apply for scholarships that don't match your profile. But instead, keep a focus to apply only to those organizations that directly matches your profile. At the same time, applying at more places will give you a bright chance to achieve success.
Why not search for organizations that are not popular. A handful of them not even get to disburse all their quota of scholarships, so it will be a good catch for you.

4)      Make An Attractive Application

Applying with a good application letter is a vital step that can increase your chances of acquiring a quick scholarship. An ideal approach is to personalize your letter according to the different organization requirements and templates. Your application must address the right authority and the awarding body that you are applying at. This could make your application attractive and it would be more likely that you will get a positive response.

5)      Check The Application Is Complete Before Sending It

Whether you are applying online or sending your application by post. Make sure it’s complete and don’t carry any type of flaws. Usually, an incomplete application automatically gets rejected without being even listed on the consideration list.

6)      Most Importantly, Don’t Delay

Finally, the last and most common advice you must follow is to apply for your application without any delays. A vast majority of the students miss out on many scholarships opportunities when they make their application late. So simply avoid it.

If you are a potential student who can acquire scholarship, don’t miss your chances by making needless mistakes.  

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How Smoking Weed Could Affect Your Study Performance?

It’s a fair statement that taking drugs isn’t good for any individual. However, at some instances taking a small quantity of safe drugs could help boost your performance. Weed or marijuana is arguably one of the safer drugs that students might think of consuming during any time of the day. The right amount of this drug could improve your focus and energize your muscles to effectively perform the boring task. Though a regular consumption of the drug can't be any place considered a good practice.
We will just have a quick look at some of the pros and cons of smoking weed while studying:


It Help Triggers Your Brain

Whether you are music student trying to get the right tune or a marketing individual finding ways to make an effective strategy. A small amount of weed could help you trigger your brain to give a productive boon to personal creativity. At the same time, it’s very effective in a brainstorming session, where your group is looking to have creative ideas to achieve the distinctiveness. But while consuming the drug in a group make sure other participants are cool with it first.

It Helps Make You Relax

It’s a known fact that students will experience moderate-to-extreme levels of anxiety, while they are preparing themselves for the exams. At certain times the overall stress could be overwhelming and it becomes extremely difficult for students to cope with study pressure. In my opinion, this is the time where smoking a little amount of weed could be extremely helpful for students. When you are having a hard time continuously reading your coursework and your brain is too stressed to take in anything. A little amount of smoking marijuana could be immensely good for relaxation. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to easily switch off your brain and fall asleep, after a long session of study.


It Only Works If You Take a Small Dose

Marijuana will only work if you take a small dose of it. The drug brings a negative effect on the short term memory of individuals, so if you are using it on a regular basis the odds are, you will ultimately have a very weak memory. So unless you use the drug safely you will regular find yourself in a more troublesome condition than acquiring benefits. 

It’s A Real Expense

Weed doesn’t come free of cost. So if you are spending too much money on it, it will eventually bring serious financial hazards. Making use of the same money on a tutor can undoubtedly help you to achieve good results.

The Core Point, It Is Eventually Not Good For You!

Though weed might bring you relief at times of stress or help you concentrate better. It open doors for harder stuff like heroin and meth. So it’s better for students to avoid it and consume more coffee and leave the weed for a day off.

Monday, 24 July 2017

4 Reasons Studying Abroad Is Beneficial

Education is a very important aspect of every individual’s life but it’s nothing better to acquire it over overseas. Though, for many individuals studying abroad cannot be that easy as it sounds. But the benefits which comes along with it are of extreme value. Let’s have a look at the 4 major reasons studying abroad can be beneficial for students:

Explore the World

The prime reason to be considered studying abroad is to grasp once in a life time opportunity to explore the world. By studying abroad you will experience a brand-new country with a different culture, customs, and outlooks. Students will have the utmost advantage to see the various establishments across the country, including natural wonders, museums and amusement parks.
On top of that, it would even give them a chance to visit the close neighboring countries. For instance, if you are studying in a European country than it’s very easy for you to travel to various parts of Europe, without the need of acquiring a separate visa.

High Quality Education

Another important fact to study abroad is acquiring high quality education. By enrolling in a program abroad students have the chance to study for a course which they cannot find to study at their home country. They can also take advantage of the technology. For example, students can take benefit of advanced technologies studying for an aeronautical course in the USA which they can only dreamt of getting at their own country.

Moreover, students can take benefit of highly accredited programs which their international university offers. Giving them a chance to earn a degree recognize across the globe.

Improve Language Skills

Students who travel to study abroad get themselves an opportunity to improve their language skills. There’s no way better to master a language than to practice in its native country.
Furthermore, it will benefit them to apply their language skills to gain a good part time job while they continue studying their desired course.

Bright Career Opportunities

Once you get your foreign qualification you will open several doors of attractive employment. You can return back to your home country with an immensely polished skill sets and a hard earned qualification which will give you an edge over other potential candidates.

Meanwhile, if your host country has a high demand of educated people in your profession than its quite ideal for some students to acquire employment there. In this way, their international work experience can give them a great opportunity to get successful employment anywhere across the world.

Studying abroad is an experience like none other where you learn about new cultures, explore the landscape and travel the world without no commitments. Despite your academic level, if you get an opportunity to study abroad than make sure to avail it for once in a life time experience.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Why MBA Is A Good Choice For Business Students?

In today’s business society there has been a tough competition than the past. While each individual is trying hard to get better opportunities for growth, there are several career choices that can assist them to rise above the completion. If you are a business student and want to enroll in a program that can assist you in gaining the requite knowledge, skills, and training to fight in the business profession, then choosing an MBA degree is the wise decision you can make.
Even though studying for MBA could be an expensive choice but the rich rewards that come with it are worth taking the decision. Have a look at some top reasons why you should go for an MBA program:

High Salary Prospects

In comparison to other business graduates acquiring an MBA degree will have a significant impact on the amount you are earning. According to recent surveys conducted, MBA graduates earn from a range £70,000 to £120,000 on average. This is a rewarding amount of money students can earn in comparison with other college and university degree acquired in the business discipline. Thus, a double in earnings from any other business degree. 

Excellent Career Opportunities

Since MBA is a diverse field, students have a good chance to expand their expertise in their particular area of interest. The program is provided on several core areas, including Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Technology and others. All these core areas provide students a chance to penetrate in their desired fields and earn growth opportunities far better than other candidates.

Helps Generating a Network 

MBA students have the ideal chance to study along with individuals from several business industries and enterprises. These would include prominent recruiters, business managers, entrepreneurs and many other key personals. These professionals will allow you to generate a good network that can provide you ideal business partners and exceptional recommendations on your behalf. This will also assist you to meet potential employers which can help you to switch your job just after you graduate. Your consolidated network of people will ultimately be beneficial from various aspects in the future.

Personal Development

Just after you graduate you will become a completely new person. An MBA program will give you a new outlook on life and make you provide exceptional skills to analyze and understand various practical situations.  You will have survival skills that can make you perfect leader in every sort of practical situations in your business domain and personal life. Studying for MBA program will change your perception of life and make you competent to adjust better to every situation of your life.

Gaining an MBA degree will ultimately help you increase your income, bring you better career prospects and enhance your overall personality.